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The first day at the show!

September 13th, 2008

Hello reining community!

I write from Brescia, Italy, about 20 miles from Manerbio where the World Reining Championship was held this afternoon. Well, this afternoon in Italy; this morning in the US. The time difference between here and the eastern US is 6 hours forward—when it’s 8 pm here, it’s 2 pm in New York.

Manerbio and Brescia both, indeed, all of Italy, is breathtaking. Last night after nearly 24 hours of travel, Carlee Mahajan and Anne Kvols, our escorts, and three of the NAYRC gold medal team (Lacey Vernon, Jason Kvols, and me, Lakshami Mahajan) dined at our hotel where we had the most incredible pasta dishes my tongue has ever tasted. We sorely missed the presence of our last member, Carlie Thompson, who was off showing her paint stallion Paid by Corona. We all enjoyed a delicious dessert of crème brulee to follow our dinner- and to lift our spirits from missing Carlie- and quickly hit the sack for some well deserved shut-eye.

This morning at 9 (our time, that is), we dressed in our blue, long sleeved, USA team shirts we wore for the NAYRC in Parker, CO, and headed off to the show. Greeted by a massive, domed arena, we were struck by both the beauty of Italy and the fact that we were at the first ever World Reining Championships. All of the competitors that showed today made history.

After many photo shoots and interviews, we had lunch in a small café right on the fairgrounds where we enjoyed a buffet of cold cut hams, croissants, vegetables, cheeses, and breads that left us all loosening our belts. Sitting and listening to the many languages surrounding us, it hit us again- we are in Italy, at a world class event- basically, the Reining Olympics!

Moving on to the team competition, the entire facility was a-buzz with anticipation for the opening ceremonies and the team competition to follow. Sixteen countries were represented today, with the top 20 riders from the team competition moving on to the individual competition. The countries included South Africa, the Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, Belgium, France, Great Britain, the USA, Austria, Australia, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden.

In the end, one of the riders from Germany scored the highest with an astounding 227, while Italy, the host team, took gold, the USA took silver, and Germany took bronze. These teams will go down in history… and the first USA gold medal NAYRC reining team was there to witness it.

On a side note, sorry for the late post today… we took about three hours to get home from the show in the dark in Italy, where there are roatries (or roundabouts) approximately every mile or so. Somehow, we got very, very lost. Then, my internet went out in the entire hotel. So I’m up at 6:30 am to write to you all!

Off to Venice for now!


Team Italy Reins (Reigns) !

September 12th, 2008

Team Italy did an amazing job! They won the team honors with the US Team and Germany right there knockingat their door. Everyone looked so proud on the podiums getting their medals. Simona sent out a story about the team competition just a while ago to NRHA. You should check them out on the NRHA web site. They should be in the MEDIA area.

All four of the US riders and horses and Italian riders and horses qualified for the individual final on Sunday, too!

HOLY 227.5 Batman!

September 12th, 2008

Sylvia Rzepka of Germany just marked a 227.5 on Doctor Zip Nic. Talk about a SMOKIN’ run. Wow! Everybody’s gotta go big for sure now!

Another 222

September 12th, 2008

Reicky Van Osch Young just marked a 222 on Burnt Starlight! SHe had an awesome ride. They’re from The Netherlands - and their fans sure know how to cheer.

There’s less than 20 horses left to go!

Two Down, Two to Go!

September 12th, 2008

Ruf Hearted Jac and Tom McCutcheon were the second US pair to compete. They scored a 219 - right up there in the top three or so this far. Jordan and Craig are getting ready. We’re about half way through right now.

Rock and Roll!

September 12th, 2008

Things are roling here in Manerbio. Pete Kyle and A Bueno Poco Dunit marked a 222 for the USA. They were the second in the draw and are still leading right now. Lendi Gennaro and Playing It Out are right there in second with a 220.5. Lendi reins for Italy. They really had the crowd going! You should hear the music too playing while they’re showing :)

US Team Passes the Jog

September 12th, 2008

The first part of the World Reining Championship was the jog. They basically lead the horses at a jog and check that they are healthy, sound and ready to compete. It was held earlier today with all of the US team and horses there. The US passed with flying colors! So all of the team’s horses and riders are ready to move on to the competition starting tomorrow. We can’t wait!

Hello World!

September 10th, 2008
NRHyA member and NAJYRC Gold Medalist Lakshami Mahajan will be giving us the inside scoop on the 2008 FEI World Reining Championship. Lakshami and her Gold Medalists team mates will be soaking in the sites and sounds in Manerbio, Italy. They’ll keep us posted as the reining action heats up.
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